About Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

SRT is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth. Through SRT we can research and clear old vows, past life programming, negative limiting beliefs, judgments, repeated patterns and discordant energies held on self and others.

What is SRT used for?

SRT is used for spiritual healing, leading to mental, emotional, physical healing. It can help you grow spiritually, raise your soul consciousness, let go of turmoil, choose peace at every moment and create flowing emotions. SRT also works very effectively on animals. SRT clearings can be done on home, office or properties to help restore harmony, balance and peace.

How does it work?

SRT can get to the very root of the problem. SRT practitioner uses special charts and a pendulum, connects to his or her High Self, and identifies the patterns of negative, discordant energies. These energy patterns are imprinted in the soul records covering many lifetimes. Once identified, with the help of High Self practitioner removes or “clears” this energy patterns from your Soul Records and replaces with positive energies.

What is a program?

We all carry negative unresolved thoughts, feelings and patterns from our life experiences (past or present) in our subconscious mind. Often we learn from negative experiences and set up patterns from lifetime to lifetime. Those patterns are called programs. So when we find ourselves in similar life experiences to past experience these programs trigger causing many issues and challenges us in the now. Programs are nothing more or less than negative beliefs, perceptions and judgments we hold on an experience or a happening.

Why are programs so powerful?

It is not what happens to you in any life that creates a negative program, it is the discordant or negative energies you attach to the event. It is the emotional energies attached to these experiences that cause subsequent difficulties. If a single fall out of a small boat makes a person nervous around water, imagine what fifty lifetimes of death by drowning does to the subconscious.

How can SRT help you?

SRT really can help in every area of your life! It can help you release your subconscious blocks to health, wealth, relationships, abundance, prosperity, break old habits, release repeated patterns, clear negative energies, empower yourself and reach your full potential.

Can a clearing session be done on the phone?

Mostly all clearing sessions are done over the phone and by appointment only. It is not required for you to be in person for any clearing sessions. Because there is no time or space in SPIRIT and this work is done at a soul level transformation is easy and graceful.

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