Spiritual Restructuring

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Ridd-SRTSpiritual Restructuring training is a six day workshop taught in two parts. We are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies and working through an energy system. There are many factors and processes involved with Restructuring. The Spiritual Restructuring system includes working with your High Self committee, dowsing with pendulum, testing and correcting muscles and other imbalances in the body. In addition, clearing the mental, emotional and physical bodies can provide a complete and total renewing of the whole person. The Spiritual Restructuring workshop includes meditation, lecture and hands-on experience.

“I am so glad to have found SRT and Spiritual Re-Structuring by getting back on my journey. Initially, EFT has helped and is a wonderful mode which I use, but SRT definitely surpasses it in being able to get to the core of everything. The Holy Spirit has definitely lined out the steps for me to progress and find you on my spiritual path. Thank you so very much for being a teacher that you are. You are so knowledgeable and an absolutely wonderful teacher helping all of the rest of us on our journey to full enlightenment.”
GH, Texas

In this six day workshop you will learn:


Kinesiology is a method of bypassing the conscious mind and directly working with innate consciousness and wisdom of the body. The body knows what is best for its health. The body knows when something is out of balance mentally, emotionally and physically and responds to questions with great accuracy. Kinesiology can be used to locate the areas of stress, and once that stress has been released, can indicate that the work has been accomplished.


Dowsing also uses the innate wisdom of the body through the use of a pendulum to gain information regarding areas to be treated. Questions can be asked regarding the cause of pain in the body, the exact area to be helped and what the correct healing support needs to be. Students learn how to use the pendulum to determine the best foods and combinations of food to properly nurture your body and maintain a higher level of energy through balanced diet. You can determine areas of your body holding tension or discordant energy and how to obtain greater balance in that area.

Body Alignment

Students learn how to test for imbalances and make corrections using Spiritual Restructuring techniques. Students learn how to test and make corrections to the muscles of the back of the body (hips, pelvis, back, neck, shoulders etc.) and the front of the body (sinuses, jammed ears, abdomen, misalignment in the jaw, ribs etc.). Body alignment also includes learning how to test and correct torques in the joints, long muscles, and reactive muscles, balance transformers, cloacals, lymphatic system, chakras and Auras.

Brain Restructuring

The brain is an instrument for the physical body. Every person has some programming in the brain that may limit a full and complete harmonious expression of life. Brain restructuring is a way to uncover and change patterns that limit life to patterns that promote life. Amazing changes can take place in person’s life after Brain Restructuring. Students are taught step by step process of working with charts, pendulum and their High Self to accomplish this powerful transformation.

Emotional Release

Through meditations, you can access and release stressful situations that the body has held (stored in memory) from the past. This release of the body memories can relieve the pain or body distress associated with them. Students learn meditations designed to assist in discovering and releasing negative emotional energies stored in the physical body.

Spiritual Healing of Organs and Glands

Learn to work with spiritual energy to establish vibrational healing of all organs and glands. Vibrationally replace organs and glands that have been removed through surgery.

Clearing and Balancing Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body. The chakras align vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra represents a spiritual life lesson or challenge common to all human beings. As a person masters each chakra, he/she gains power and self-knowledge. Students learn simple, easy and effective way to clear, align and balance chakras for greater physical and spiritual expression.


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