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Make A  Commitment To Creating A Life You Love And Begin To Live An Inspired Life Now!Friends Playing on the Beach
  • Are you tired of settling for less than you know is possible for you?
  • How strong is your internal fire? Does it light up those around you?
  • Do you struggle everyday trying to figure out how to be more successful and healthy, how to have more money, creative energy and love in your life?
  • What if you could awaken the most powerful forces in the universe that are deep inside you?
  • Did you know that you and you alone have the power to change your life and that you could do so at any moment?
Are you ready to wake up from Autopilot mode?

Most of us long to create future that is fulfilling and filled with infinite potential and possibilities. We are too distracted with the “doingness” of our daily lives, so we take the easiest and least resistant path to make choices in our lives. These choices create the same outcome again and again. If we want our lives to be different, we have to make different choices now. Then your choices can bring you  more energy, consciousness, inspiration and motivation to manifest the life you want.

Imagine what your life would be like if the choices and decisions you made would…
  • Allow you to stand in your power rather than pleasing others
  • Add to your life force rather than drain your energy
  • Empower you rather than disempower you
  • Be an act of self-love rather than self sabotage
  • Be an act of faith rather than fear
  • Propel you toward an inspiring future  rather than keeping you stuck in the past

With Spiritual Mentoring program, the goal is to target specific core patterns that have held you back for so long and teach you how to support yourself in making powerful choices so you can create the life you love. Many powerful tools and spiritual processes are used to bring the greatest change for those seeking lasting solutions in their lives. The program is designed to bring you increased awareness and confidence so that you manifest anything you want with ease and grace. The powerful processes offered in this program may be used to  improve your health, physical vitality, boost your mental focus, raise your manifesting vibrations, bring emotional clarity, and boundless source of energy every day.

“Yamini’s special program has been an intense blessing in my life. Yamini assisted me in changing my consciousness around several patterns and issues. These changes allowed me to see the truth at the root of several long standing issues. Yamini also brought some new tools into the program which helped empower me to make positive changes in my thought patterns, my relationships, and in my outer life. I cannot thank Yamini enough for her wisdom and support for she truly is a gifted teacher, leader and wise woman.”
PS - Environmental Group Leader, New Mexico
  • Are you ready to fulfill your soul’s deepest desire to evolve into what you are meant to be?
  • Are you ready and really committed to share your light with others?
  • Is it time to claim your place in the world?

If you answered Yes to these questions then this powerful program is right for you. I am totally committed to you creating your inspired life.

“Dear Yamini – I am writing to express a very big and heart-felt “Thank You” for all the work that you have done for the business, the staff, and myself over the last six months. It shows that you really have professional expertise, that you communicate from your heart, and that you clearly express through Grace, the wisdom and opportunity in each situation. Your work and dedication has had a profound and positive impact on the school, business, students, faculty, and staff. I am very grateful for and inspired by your generosity, your sincere interest in the success of the school, and the light you bring to every situation no matter what the circumstances.”
AK – Executive Dean, Toronto

This 8-week program offers practical tools of transformations that have been time tested and used by many to open the permanent flow of manifesting powers. The program is simple, convenient, and yet effective. Anyone can join the program and benefit.

Spiritual Mentoring Program includes:
  • 8- Weekly interactive teleclasses which consists of a theme/topic discussion, doing powerful group processes based on the theme or the topic of the week, sharing, interacting and Q and A.
  • Weekly notes and optional assignments are sent to you each week via email to prepare and set the tone for the next class.
  • Weekly action steps that are designed to create more space in your life to make the powerful changes you seek so you can create the life you love.
  • Call recordings: it’s always best to be on the live call but life happens. Whether you miss a call or want to re-inspire yourself, you’ll have access to all the recordings. You can download it to your computer or listen to it on your MP3 player.
So what happens now?

I invite you to take a moment to get still and ask yourself if participating in this program is your next step. The journey begins the moment you commit. That is when the universe steps in to send all kinds of magical things your way. If this is the next step for you then know that all that you need will be provided for you on your journey to creating the life you love.

Next Program Dates

New dates to be determined. Space is limited. Please get in touch with us for information about upcoming dates.