Envision Program: What Others Are Saying

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Our family of four has received unlimited benefits and results from Yamini Bhatt’s Re-Connective broadcasts on the EnVision system. While each of us have focused on very different goals and aspirations, the system has accurately identified both our strengths and challenges, then broadcast healing frequencies to support and raise our consciousness in these areas of our lives. We have experienced accelerated change and learning, and made tremendous growth gracefully in these areas through a short period of time. Goals that previously had seemed attainable but fraught with obstacles were suddenly effortlessly manifested because of the re-connective broadcasts. As a result, we feel peaceful, empowered, forgiving, accepting of ourselves and others, and more open to unlimited possibilities. Our relationships are stronger, especially within our own family, and we attract money and exciting opportunities effortlessly. I especially appreciate how each of us is on a different path, yet we are each supported individually in the most perfect way.
Margaret Nardecchia and family
Dear Yamini being in your Envision program is a true blessing. The challenges of life are there but the strength and clarity to recognize the Divine truth within me is something that is progressing every day. The daily practice is absolutely powerful. Even there has been some days I have missed my practice due to international traveling, but the force of the work is present. Thank you for the extra work shared. It is beautiful and powerful. I feel the Divine Healing every Day. Thank You for your unconditional Love. Love and Respect.
I just completed a meditation and I get it. I’m right where I want to be; deeper Learning. Maybe it’s because I let go and trusted the process without making plans. I re-read my declaration statement yesterday. It all clicked again tonight for me. I truly feel empowered! I feel beautiful! I feel like I am FINALLY figuring out my true self… And I like her a lot. Thank you Yamini so much for giving me the gift of these powerful tools to get to this place. It’s saving my spirit, which is saving my life. I don’t have beautiful enough words to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I am open to the abundance! 🙂 With so much love, Erica Gelormini
Erica Gelormini
The re-connective broadcasts have been wonderful. The energy is amazing as it gives you this subtle clarity that is really unexplainable, but I feel it I know when the broadcast has run as I am moved easily, gently toward my intention and desired outcome. I can easily move away from negative thoughts that would usually cloud my mind about my intention and stay focused without the worry of how, when, why. I have worked with other healing modality’s, including SRT for many years. I have never received the results of anything I have worked on so quickly and easily. I set my intention to leave my job of seventeen years and work for myself from home part time and it happened in less than thirty days. I feel so energetic, clear and just blissfully happy with this broadcast, I love it and cannot see myself moving on in life without it! ~ With much Love and Gratitude, Shelly Hardy
Shelly Hardy
I have been using SRT as a client and practitioner for the past five years. Through this work I experienced powerful, life changing shifts. However, it wasn’t until working with Yamini and EnVision that my spiritual growth and awareness was taken to an entirely new level. In a very tangible way, I feel more connected to my inherent power and spiritual potential and clear in my purpose and vision. Years of limiting belief systems have been uprooted in a matter of weeks and I feel a daily sense of peace, clarity, and connection to Source. Compared to the past when I would turn to SRT or energy work out of fear, I now turn inward for guidance and direction. Yamini’s thoughtful, wise, and inspiring guidance is a perfect combination with ‘the system’ to activate profound spiritual growth.
Meghan Barry
I have been working with Yamini for a long time now. At one point, she suggested that doing re-connective broadcasts would be helpful. And so she started them for me. Since the broadcast started, I have been feeling more empowered, accepting and peaceful. A hugely significant shift happened for me after the first few weeks on this broadcast. I had a situation in my professional life (one that had occurred before too) and I felt confident and empowered enough to take a stand for myself and emphatically ask for and get things sorted out. In the past, my tendency was to just accept it and not rock the boat. For me this – acting on issues rather than just thinking over them – has been the most outwardly noticeable change.
Krishna Shreenivasan
I have been working with Yamini for several years now and have experienced amazing healing and shifts in my mental, emotional and spiritual energy. When Yamini started the Re-connective broadcasts these shifts were more profound and yet so subtle. These broadcasts have helped bring clarity and remove perceived obstacles from my path. The external stresses are still abounding, but it is amazing how my reaction (not the conscious reaction, but the UNCONSCIOUS reaction) to those has changed and how steadfast I feel in changing the professional direction in my life.
Shweta Oza
The Envision programs have been a tremendous support. In the “Total Self-Confidence and Creativity” program, I set an intention to get healthy. Now, 90 days later, I’ve lost 10% of my body weight – and I’m still going! I’ve continued with the Envision programs. During last month’s “Financial Blessings” program, I was offered a new job where I will bring home over 15% more in net income. And I wasn’t even looking for a new job! I can’t wait to start the “Ignite Your Power” program. My first day of work coincides with this new program, and I know there will be many exciting opportunities in store. Thank you so much, Yamini!
Jill, CA
I’m loving your envision program it’s been really fun watching myself grow. Having the added support to create movement in my life has been really essential for me.
Tina Paradis
Well I have loved being a part of this Envision program. As you know, I am pretty deep into many healing things being in healing school right now. I love the exercises and recommended practices that you write for each month. I have especially loved making a vision box, your specific guidelines on how to create, hone and write out a powerful intention, and the writing of one’s intention in red ink every day… those types of suggestions, as well as the mantras have been really helpful for me. I really love this program and I hope to rejoin soon!
Thank you so much for your programs. Your insights, your wisdom, your support and being in the group is very important to me. This month is my second program with you and I can say I am much stronger, more peaceful and in deeper knowing, allowance, deeper connection from within with Divinity, Higher Self , my soul, myself, thoughts, emotions, feelings. I felt lost little bit in my life. Spirit guided me to your Envision programs, to you again. I am very thankful for it. I start every morning with meditation to nurture my soul, my inner child, and I am going to sleep with gratitude and peace again. Sometimes I am doing meditation few times per day and I find it very, very helpful. Thank you, thank you Yamini.
Mariola Kosowicz
Yamini, THANK YOU for being in my life. You have been such a special gift in my life. I will always treasure our growing friendship and the wonderful spiritual knowledge and love that you share. You are a beautiful person and I am blessed to have you in my life! ~Much Love, Val
Thank you so much for this month’s broadcast, it is awesome! I am writing to share a little bit of my experience. Right now I have been blessed with time for introspection and reflection on my next steps in life. Things have fallen into place in such a way that I can live for some time without taking a job. As a result of that, I have time to do clearing and spiritual work, and I have devoted more and more time to that, what a gift! This month I have felt a lot of support to let go of compulsive habits such as spending, eating certain foods and drinking coffee, and instead I have felt more drawn to sitting still and reflecting, and I do feel that a different picture of myself and my life is emerging. I feel lighter and freer, so I feel that everything is linked and that I am connected, and … I am loving it 🙂
Martha Viveros
I am very happy to be a part of this. This is my Christmas present to me and my growth. Thank you for putting this together. I feel my growth has really blossomed since your Envision program. Blessings!
Yamini – I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Your wisdom and guidance have helped me more than you could possibly know. I am so blessed to have you as a guide in this life. Your light, love and wisdom have raised my level of consciousness; thereby increasing my ability to love and decreasing my judgmental tendencies. I still have so much to work on, but see the progress and am so grateful for all of your help!! My relationships have transformed in dramatic ways thanks to all of your help, advice and support as have so many other areas in my life.
Amber Passini